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How To Avoid Higher Rates After A Car Accident

It can be traumatic when involved in a car accident. Car accidents are not only emotional but are physically taxing. Many drivers worry about preventing higher rates after an accident. Luckily, there are few ways you can do that. Here are tips on how to avoid higher rates after a car accident. Report the accident immediately Report the accident to your liability insurance company as soon as possible, no matter how small you think it may be. This gives your insurance company enough time to process all the relevant information and defend you if they feel that the other driver is at fault. Show that the accident wasn’t your fault You need to prove that the car accident wasn’t your fault if you want to avoid a higher rate after the accident. Keep in mind that insurance companies and sometimes courts determine who’s at fault. If the other driver insists that a car accident was your fault, but you believe you’re not, your best option is to keep calm and let your insurance company handle the case. Lower your policy limits Lowering your policy limits is another good way to prevent higher rates after a car accident. Your policy limit […]

How Professional Liability Could Save Your Company

If you provide professional service to clients, you may be held accountable for any financial damages should a mistake happen. Therefore, you need protection to cover the costs of defending your company from legal action should an incident occur, whether you made a mistake or not. This is where Professional Liability Insurance comes in. Professional Liability Insurance protects your business if a client files a legal action against you based on your mistake that caused them economic or financial losses. Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance? You should think about getting this coverage if your business provides contractual service, professional service, and regular professional advice to clients. Some of the most common professionals who have coverage are: Real estate brokers Financial consultants Accountants and bookkeepers Advertising and marketing professionals Architects, designers, and engineers IT programmers and professionals What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover? This insurance policy helps cover claims of alleged negligence that happens from providing professional services. You’ll be covered for the following if you have professional liability insurance. Cover legal expenses up to your plan limits Compensation if you’re required to pay injured parties. Claims for slander or libel, whether it’s true or not. Copyright law issues, misunderstandings, oversights, […]

How Do You Insure A Classic Car?

Classic cars require unique insurance because they are not just cars you use to commute in the morning or to take the kids to soccer practice. You can better protect your ride by speaking to your agent about classic car insurance. What Is A Classic Car? Classic cars are more than regular cars. They are collectible pieces of art, machinery, and history. To be considered a “classic car,” your vehicle must have been manufactured in 1990 or earlier, making them over 20 years old. An “antique car” is made in 1975 or earlier and 45 years or older, while a “vintage car” is manufactured between 1919 and 1930. Your car must fit into the above descriptions to qualify for classic car insurance. How To Get Insurance For Classic Car You will need to reach your agent to get your classic car insured. Your agent will need specific information depending on the type of car you will be insuring and the coverage you want. Make sure you give the insurers details about your vehicle. Information that your insurance agent will need includes the vehicle make, model, and year, along with the mileage. Your agent will also require details about the drivers […]

Does a Car Color Affect Insurance?

Many factors go into determining the rate of auto insurance. But according to the Insurance Information Institute, your car color does not have a direct impact on your auto insurance. However, that doesn’t mean that vehicle colors can’t indirectly impact car insurance. For instance, higher demand for a certain car color can increase the cost of the car, thus affecting the car insurance rate. Where Did This Myth Come From? If there is no relationship between auto insurance rate and color, why do most drivers believe that cars with colors such as red are more expensive to insure? This is because red vehicles cost more. Red, white, blue, and black tends to be the most expensive color of cars because they are the most in-demand with drivers. Are There Exceptions to When Color Matters? The only way color can have an impact on your insurance rates is if you have a custom paint job since this will increase the value of your car. Some custom paint jobs require custom parts that are specifically designed for that particular job. This usually comes with a high cost that can indirectly impact your car’s insurance rates. Factors That Do Affect Your Auto Insurance […]

Health Insurance Secrets from the Insiders

The world of health insurance can be convoluted and confusing for those of us outside the profession. However, there is much to be learned from experts. Click through to learn four secrets about insurance companies, benefits and more. Image via Unsplash/Online Marketing Continue to original source.

Are You Taking Advantage of These Auto Insurance Discounts?

Auto insurance might be required by law, but you aren’t required to pay outrageous amounts for the coverage you need. In fact, auto insurance companies offer a host of discounts designed to acquire and retain customers, yet many people don’t know to ask about them. If you’re interested in saving money on your auto insurance policy, click through to learn more. Image via Unsplash/ Continue to original source.


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