How To Make A Life Insurance Claim

If you’ve just lost a loved one and you’re the life insurance policy beneficiary, you’ll need to file a claim on your loved one’s insurance policy. You must take several steps to get the death benefit from a life insurance policy. Here, we’ll explore how to make a claim. Steps To Claim A Life Insurance Policy Contact the insurance company: Contact the insurance company that sold the life insurance policy and look up the policy number. Get copies of the death certificate: When submitting your life insurance claim, you must provide a copy of the insured individual’s death certificate. Fill out the paperwork: You can get all the paperwork you need by contacting the insurer or filling out a claim form online. The claim form will likely ask for details about the departed person and you. How Are Life Insurance Claims Paid? Ultimately, you will determine how to receive your life insurance payout. Life insurance claims are paid in two forms: lump sum or installments. Here, we’ll break down each option. Lump-Sum Payments You can choose to receive your life insurance payout all at once to help clear all the expenses resulting from the insured person’s death. Installments The insurers […]

Car Insurance For Disabled Drivers

Car insurance is essential for everyone, even those with disabilities, because they can drive cars easily. However, there are some misconceptions about car insurance for drivers with disabilities. Here, we’ll resolve some of these misconceptions. What Is Disability Car Insurance? The Americans with Disabilities Act stops insurance companies from overcharging disabled drivers to insure their cars just because of their condition. As a result, drivers with disabilities will get the same policies as other drivers. However, they may choose extra coverage, like mobility car insurance coverage, that offers certain protections for damaged vehicles. Insurance companies consider the following conditions as disabilities. Stroke Epilepsy Hearing loss Cerebral palsy Wheelchair use Neurological conditions Amputee or parapalegic Remember that this list is not complete. There are several other disabilities. Is Car Insurance More Costly For Disabled Drivers? As we said earlier, the law does not allow insurance companies to charge drivers with disabilities more premiums based on their condition. But if your disability will affect your ability to drive safely, it may affect your rates because your insurance company may revise your risk rating. What Is The Best Coverage For Drivers With Disabilities? Full coverage is considered the best insurance for drivers with […]

Everything You Need To Know About All-Risk Insurance

You have the option to choose between an all-risk or all-peril policy when purchasing home insurance. All-peril policies deliver complete coverage but, you need to consider an all-risk policy if you need the highest level of protection. What Is All-Risk Insurance? All risk insurance protects your home from unexpected incidents or accidents except for those excluded. However, all-risk insurance tends to be costly, as it’s the most comprehensive kind of coverage available. Who Needs All-Risk Insurance? Mortgage providers need all-risk insurance to protect their investment. If you don’t have a mortgage or your mortgage does not require all-risk coverage, then you can choose between a standard “named perils” policy or a more comprehensive “all-risk” policy. Your location and financial situation could also determine if you need all-risk insurance. You determine if you need all-risk insurance by asking yourself the following questions: Is your area prone to vandalism? Is severe weather a regular event in your area? Do you have mature trees near your house? Is your house located in a high-risk fires zone? Is there much crime in your neighborhood? What’s Covered By All-Risk Insurance? An all-risk policy provides a high level of insurance coverage. It covers things like Falling […]

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

In the U.S, employers often provide health insurance as a benefit to their employees. This benefit is tied to employment and does not continue once your employment with a given company ends. However, you may be wondering why most employers offer health insurance. Here, we’ll take a brief look at employer-sponsored health insurance. What Is Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance? This is a plan funded by an employer. Every employer that cares about the welfare and health of their employees must offer health insurance coverage. The employer is responsible for selecting the insurance plan and determining what it covers. Employees and employers share the premiums. Why Do Employers Offer Health Insurance To Their Employees? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made it mandatory for businesses with more than 50 employees to provide coverage to their workforce in the form of employer-sponsored health insurance. Because everyone in the U.S. is required to hold a basic healthcare insurance level, many businesses sponsor healthcare coverage. Benefits Of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance There are several benefits to employer-sponsored health insurance for both the employer and the employee. Benefits For Employers Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums are tax-deductible. Professionals only want to work for employers who care about them. Offering […]

Independent Contractor: What Insurance Do I Need?

As an independent contractor, you should know that insurance is essential to your business because you could be sued for damages. Therefore, learning more about the different types of insurance as an independent contractor can ensure that clients can confidently hire you. What Kinds of Independent Contractors Need Insurance? Most independent contractors need insurance. Some require additional specialty insurance coverage. In general, the following contractors need some insurance to protect themselves and give clients peace of mind: Repair contractors Home, business, and carpet cleaners Construction contractors of all types Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and painters Artists such as product designers, graphic designers, and more Insurance Coverage for Independent Contractors Workers’ compensation Workers’ compensation is designed to cover expenses for workers injured on the job. You need workers’ compensation insurance if you’re an independent contractor with workers. General liability insurance General liability insurance covers your company in case of unexpected incidents that could happen on the job. It covers bodily injury, property damage, libel, slander, and defamation. Business owner’s policy Combining general liability and workers’ compensation insurance into a business owner’s policy will lower your insurance costs if you plan to buy general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. When you combine both […]

How Deposition Works

A deposition is a sworn statement or report taken under oath by the other party in the case. The purpose is to obtain evidence from a witness that can be used at trial. Depositions are held at an attorney’s office or a court reporter’s office. Here’s how a deposition works if you’re unsure what to expect. How Does A Deposition Work? Depositions are an essential part of any civil case and can often decide the trial outcome. In a deposition, a case witness is asked questions by an attorney under oath, which a court reporter will record. The questions must be relevant to the case and cannot be based on speculation or conjecture. The answers provided by the witness can be used in court to help prove the case. The deposition generally lasts for several hours, although it can sometimes last for days depending on the information that needs to be covered. After the process, the court reporter will prepare a written transcript of everything said during the meeting, which can be used as evidence in court if necessary. Keep in mind that deposition is usually scheduled in advance and takes place at the lawyer’s office, a court reporter’s office, […]


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