Is Life Insurance a Liability or an Asset?

Life insurance is a type of policy that provides financial coverage to the policyholder’s heirs. In fact, it’s an essential consideration for anyone who wants to ensure that their loved ones are cared for in the event of their death. However, despite the widespread use of life insurance, many people are uncertain whether they should classify life insurance as a liability or an asset. Life Insurance as an Asset Any type of life insurance policy that earns cash value is an asset. Cash value is the amount of money that accumulates within the policy over time, and it can be used to borrowed against or pay premiums. This allows policyholders to access funds in times of need. The tax benefits that life insurance offer is another way that it can be viewed as an asset. For example, the death benefit paid out to the policyholder’s beneficiaries is typically not subject to federal income tax. Life Insurance as a Liability Any life insurance policy that doesn’t earn cash value is considered a liability. Term life insurance is a typical example of non-cash value life insurance. This policy lets you make regular payments on your payment, and you’re not guaranteed anything in […]

What’s The Difference Between Home Warranty Vs. Homeowners Insurance

While home warranties and homeowners insurance share a similar structure, both offer different benefits and coverage’s. If you’re a homeowner, it’s essential to understand the difference between home warranties and homeowners insurance to ensure you get the protection you need. What’s The Difference Between Both? Home warranties and home insurance policies are excellent ways to protect your home, each offers unique benefits, but there are some key differences. Home Warranty Have limits and exclusions Purchased with a new home for protection and can be renewed each year Covers home systems and appliances breakdown Provides for replacement and repair of covered items Help protect your home from expensive replacement and repair costs Homeowners Insurance Required by the mortgage lender Covers damages from things like theft or fire Help pay to replace personal property or repair your home. Protects you from liability Covers structures that aren’t attached to your home Why Do You Need Both? While homeowners insurance and home warranties protect your home, they do so differently. As said earlier, you must have homeowners insurance if you have a mortgage. This protects you and your mortgage lender should your home be damaged or destroyed by severe weather, fire, or other covered […]

How To Check Car Insurance Claims History?

When getting car insurance, your claim history plays a massive role in determining your rates. Car insurance companies keep records of your profile, including claims history. So, if you’d like to know about your car insurance claim history, here’s how to go about it. How To Check Your Claims History Access to past claims history means you’ll know whether your auto insurance costs will be lower or higher, giving you a better idea of how much you’ll need to budget. Checking your claim history will also help you see if there are errors in your profile holding your rates high. However, you might wonder how to check your insurance history. There are ways to check your claim history. The easiest is asking your current car insurance provider for details of any accident claims you’ve made. Alternatively, you can request your Claims Loss Underwriting Exchange report through a consumer reporting agency or by visiting the company’s website. You’ll have 30 days to access your report online, but you can also download it to your device. Why Do Insurance Companies Look At Claims History? You already know that auto insurance companies look at your driving and claims history to determine your rates. […]

Can I Suspend My Car Insurance?

Life is unpredictable. You might find yourself in a position where you don’t need to drive for some period. Therefore, you may be wondering if you can suspend your auto insurance. Depending on your state and insurer, you may be able to reduce some of your car insurance coverage if you’ll be off the road for an extended period, Situations To Suspend Your Car Insurance Coverage Consider suspending your car insurance means reducing your policy to comprehensive coverage only because having car insurance is mandatory in most states. You might consider reducing your car insurance policy if you’re: Deployed overseas Traveling for an extended period Putting your vehicle in storage for a long-term Vehicle is not drivable and needs repairs Waiting for your suspended driver’s license to be reinstated Healing from an injury or illness that prevents you from driving What Does Comprehensive Coverage Cover? Comprehensive coverage covers only the car itself. However, the following perils are covered when you pack your car. Theft Fire Vandalism Bad weather, like a tree falling Damage from falling items It is vital to maintain this coverage. Your car will be covered if damages occur when you’re not driving it. Pros And Cons Of […]

How To File A Water Damage Claim

Water damage is a common cause of insurance claims, and filing a water damage claim can be challenging, no matter the cause, whether broken pipes or flooding. Here, we’ll walk you through some crucial steps to correctly file a water damage claim. Prevent Further Damage Protecting your home and all the valuables inside from any further damage is the first thing you need to do when disaster hits. Insurance companies may not provide coverage for damages that they believe are avoidable. Turning off the water supply, placing items in a safe place, and placing tarps over holes can prevent more water damage. Take Pictures And Videos Next, it’s vital to record proof of the damages by taking videos and pictures. If you have older pictures of the damaged area, it can be helpful when filing a claim. Finally, don’t make permanent repairs or throw away broken items. Doing this may affect your insurance claim quote. File A Water Damage Claim It’s essential to gather all evidence, create an inventory of your damages, and write a full detailed report of the water damage before contacting the insurance company to file a claim. The insurer has 14 days to respond to your […]

What Is The Cost Of Business Insurance?

No business should operate without proper insurance coverage regardless of the size, industry, or profession. Every business needs protection. However, the cost of getting insurance coverage varies based on your business needs, policy limits, and other factors. So what does business insurance cost? Here are things that determine your premium amounts. Your Level of Expertise Business owners with years of experience are presumed to have lower risk than those just starting. So don’t be surprised if your agent used these details to calculate your business insurance premium. Your Industry The type of business you own is the first thing that will determine your business insurance premiums. Each industry has its level of risk, which insurers consider when estimating insurance costs. Your Business Location The state and city your business is located can affect your insurance premium. Also, the larger your office space, the more square footage left open to risk. The Policy You Want The type of business you operate will determine the insurance policy you need to get. The more insurance policies you add, the more expensive your insurance premium is. Your Employees The number of employees you have will also determine your insurance rate, and this is true […]


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