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Tips for Getting a Home Loan

For anyone who would like to get a home mortgage loan, here is what you need to get started: Come prepared with your credit score. Use cash for the down payment. Keep your job so you have financial stability. Get rid of any debt you have. Keep your budget in mind. Image via Money Crashers.

Government Pauses Federal Student Loan Payments

Part of the $2 trillion stimulus package from the federal government will excuse no payments on student loans through September 30. People across the country are losing their jobs due to the coronavirus sweeping the nation and only essential businesses being allowed to remain open at this time. There won’t be any interest accrued on these accounts during that period of time, either, and credit agencies won’t be able to negatively impact people’s scores for missing payments. Image via Money & Markets.

Getting a Car Loan With Bad Credit

Even with a bad credit score, you’ll still be able to get approved for a car loan by following these steps. Save. Budget for payments. Get a co-signer. Do your research. Get financing through the dealer. Image via The Outline.

Top First-Time Secured Credit Cards

For those who are looking to get their first credit card, it’s hard to narrow down all the many, many choices available out there. Here are a few options: Capital One Secured card Discover It Secured card Citi Secured card Image via

The Purpose of Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage is meant for the families of the policyholders who are left behind after the policyholder’s death. You want to think of it as something for your family rather than yourself because you won’t really see or use that money. Image via III.

Permanent Life Insurance 101

There are two different types of permanent life insurance: whole coverage and universal coverage. Whole coverage means that you will be covered by the life insurance for your entire life while universal coverage means that you will have a savings element added onto it. Image via Brian So Insurance.


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